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24 Hour Rule

Policy- 24 HR RULE

Coaches will not discuss any try-out related situations, games, a game incident or a situation that occurred during the game that has provoked an adverse emotional response or created a hostile situation until 24 hours after the fact.

Note to 24 Hour Rule: Youth sports can be an emotional experience. The physical activity of the kids can often spill onto the sidelines and into the stands and create strong reactions in coaches and parents.

For parents, it is important to separate game emotions from the best interests of their child’s sports development. For this reason, the Evolution Soccer Club has adopted the “24 Hour Rule”. The intent of this rule is to move an emotional and confrontational discussion away from the presence of the players, and to allow the parties to “cool off”, compose themselves and put the provoking incident or situation that occurred in the game in perspective before meeting to discuss it.

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