The on the field results speak for them-self. And not   just the wins and losses. Evolution Competitive Soccer players   are built from the ground up with a strong technical foundation   through proven training methods, making your individual child   part of a team that plays the game in a skillful, exciting, and   effective style. Plain and simple Evolution develops talent. 

The focus for Evolution Soccer Club's competitive players is to have quality training for the dedicated player.  Each player's development is designed on an individual basis.  

Four Pillars of Evolution Competitive Development

  1. Technical (Skill)  

  2. Tactical 

  3. Physical 

  4. Mental ​

Player Pathway to Success- Presentation

The Player Pathway value proposition to our families is to better maximize player development through training and playing more locally, while still achieving player aspirations into high school, college, and beyond. Evolution Soccer Club believes the family's investment of time, money, and energy into the actual player produces superior results (rather than devoting resources into excessive travel) while maintaining the "soccer life and family life balance."



January 9th at Papillion Landing 1046 W Lincoln Street

U6-U10 2016-2012 BIRTH YEARS

If interested in attending a team practice and meeting the coach please reach out to the email below.


The U6-U10 development program is the initial competitive level of Evolution Soccer Club. At this stage, our program creates a fun yet challenging environment for players to continue developing their technical soccer skills. Coaches introduce more advanced aspects of soccer, and continually encourage player to reach the "next level."
U6-U8 $975 U9-U10 $1225

​Flexible Payment Options Available

  • Qualified licensed coaches

  • 2 training sessions per week

  • Fall, Spring, and Winter training included

  • Games played in local sanctioned leagues with referees

  • 1-3 local tournaments per season

  • Players may play up an age if excelling

  • Convenient scheduling with Saturday games for all teams at same location (great for families with multiple players)

U11-U13 2011-2009 BIRTH YEARS

EVO Edge 2-X2.jpg

The focus on our U11-U13 teams is about individual player development as team concepts are introduced. The basic fundamentals of soccer techniques are reinforced while improving their awareness of the field. The level of competition has increased and more opportunities to play in tournaments.

U11-U12 $1425 U13 $1525

Flexible Payment Options Available

  • Qualified licensed coaches

  • 2-3 training sessions per week

  • Winter training included

  • Games played in Kansas City Heartland League and/or local competitive leagues depending on team level

  • 2-3 tournaments per season (one out of town)

  • Agility training available

  • Individual training available

U14-U18 2008-2003 BIRTH YEARS


At this level, the focus is based on developing the individual player within a team unit. Coaches improve the development of individual players while emphasizing the player’s role on the team, defending and attacking. At this step, coaches are getting the player’s ready for state and regional level tournaments in addition to college level play.

U14 $1525 U15+ $1325

Flexible Payment Options Available​

  • Qualified licensed coaches

  • 3 training sessions per week

  • Winter training included

  • Games played in Kansas City Heartland and/or local competitive Nebraska leagues

  • Compete in local, regional, national, and/or college showcase tournaments

  • Guest Player opportunities with our regional partners

  • Agility training available

  • TraceUp game/training video recording and editing

  • College recruitment services

  • Allowed to play on high school team or multi-sport

If interested in attending a team practice and meeting the coach please reach out to the email below.

If interested in attending a team practice and meeting the coach please reach out to the email below.

Evolution Competitive teams typically practice twice per week, including during the winter.  Players are allowed to play other sports, however in competitive soccer there is a level of commitment to your team and personal technical development.  When possible our teams will play two local tournaments and one out of town tournament per season.  We do not believe that traveling every weekend to play out-of-state leagues and tournaments is necessary for maximum individual results or college level play.  Our Club strives to be very competitive in our state/region but also fulfill that quality of life balance you have been looking for.

Developmental Youth Academy & Competitive Team Open House

Come learn about the Evolution Competitive Soccer Program. Meet our coaches while your child plays small sided soccer games with current Evolution competitive players. 

*Players should wear shin guards and cleats. 

  • 2016-2009 U6-U13 Boys 12-1pm

  • 2016-2008 U6-U14 Girls 1-2pm



Omaha Youth Soccer Development Program

Individual practice play should be held to a high standard in the betterment of the entire team.  This means teams train with the same intensity as in a match.  Players will be coached on tactical decision making rather than just relying on athletic ability.  Understand there may be short-term breakdowns during a match for long-term success in their development.