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Knowing When Enough Is Enough Gambling, by its very definition, implies risk, something many people aren’t used to dealing with. In your work life, you eliminate uncertainty by accept- ing a job with a fixed salary. In your daily life, you protect against disaster through a spectrum of safety precautions, from smoke detectors to seat belts

When you walk into the casino, the house is betting that your unfamiliarity with risk will work in its favor. (Look at how easy establishing a line of credit is and how quickly the little extras, such as comps, make you amenable to spending and risking more money.)

By following the advice in this chapter, you’re taking the appropriate steps to reduce your risk of gambling-related problems when you enter the casino. But you’re wise to continue looking for signs of trouble during, or even before, your casino visit. These problems can take many forms beyond simple financial issues; they can affect your relationships as well as your health. This section helps you identify the warning signs so you can walk away before it’s too late.


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